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" gave us such a super Island welcome when we visited for the first week in February.  You can't imagine what that meant to us, to travel half way round the world, and find so friendly an island.  Leaving was oh so hard!"

 "On behalf of myself and the crew of the sailing vessel Hyppo we want to thank you for your wonderful hospitality during our visit to Saint Helena Island..."

"I believe the outside world will be fascinated by the islanders friendliness and the place in history that Saint Helena has to offer...

"The Consulate Hotel treats its guests like royalty, by which I mean; one feels at home in a palace. Most places offer a room and a bed but The Consulate allows me to move freely between the lounges, dining hall, cafe, veranda, patio, etc. until your room is just the place you retreat to at night to be hugged by crisp white linen."



Your Home Away From Home!

Please enjoy our Restaurant, Coffee shop, Public Bar, Souvenirs Shop, Wi-Fi and Internet facilities. 

"The garden & courtyard is simply breathtaking, what a beautiful hidden gem we've found here..."

We also have a stunning terrace garden, ensuite accommodation, conference and ball room venues!



  • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Telephone
  • Clock/Radio
  • Fan
  • Coffee/Tea facilities

There is also a TV & DVD player, library and an assortment of board games and puzzles in the Blue Lounge.